Sunday, April 24, 2011

La Prima Angélica

Prima Angélica, La (Spain) (1974)

Also Known As:
La cousine Angélique
Cousine Angélica
A Prima Angélica
Cousin Angelica
La cugina Angelica
Kuzynka Angelica
Director: Carlos Saura
Starring: María Clara Fernández de Loaysa
Synopsis: While traveling from Barcelona to recover his mother's remains, Luis (Juan Luis Lopez Vazquez) suffers an incredibly vivid flashback to 1936 Segovia as it was on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. In this Spanish film, everything but Luis repeatedly reverts to its 1936 condition. Again and again, things remind him of his stay there, and each time the movie returns him to the '30s. - Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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