Monday, April 4, 2011


Bandyta (Poland / France / Germany) (1997)

Also Known As:
Bastard - Willkommen im Paradies
Dilimma, To
Director: Maciej Dejczer
Starring: Ida Jabłońska, Wojciech Brzeziński, Jacek Karpiński, Bartek Pieniążek, Jan Postoła, Zuzanna Przybyszewska, Ida Nowakowska
Synopsis: Meciej Dejczer directed this German-French-Polish period drama made with English dialogue. British prisoner Gerry, aka Brute (Til Schweiger) is sent away to complete his sentence in a rundown Romanian orphanage run by sinister Sincai (Pete Postlethwaite), who profits by selling children and other evil activities. Crude operations are executed on patients by alcoholic surgeon Dr. Babits (John Hurt), who plays the violin. On the brighter side, a nubile nurse Mara (Polly Walker) is on the staff of this insidious institution, and she enters into an affair with Brute. Shown at the 1998 Montreal World Film Festival. - Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide

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