Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tendres Cousines

Tendres cousines (France) (1980)

Also Known As:
Ömma kusiner
Zärtliche Cousinen - Ein Sommer voller Leidenschaft
Zärtliche Cousinen
Tender Cousins
Cousins in Love
Нежные кузины
Czula kuzynka
Hellät serkukset
Tenere cugine
Tiernas primas
Director: David Hamilton
Starring: Anja Schüte, Thierry Tevini, Valérie Dumas
Synopsis: The story takes place in 1939 on a French country-side, in a house that hosts people. Julien, a 14yr old boy, has fallen in love his cousin Julia, who is 16. Julia, however does not care much for him because she is in love with Julien's sister's fiancee. When WWII brakes out and all the men go of to war, all the service women find themselves searching for their missing desire at the hands of Julien. It was then where things changed between Julien and his cousin.

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