Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obnazhyonnaya Natura

Obnazhyonnaya natura (Russia) (2001)

Also Known As:
Обнаженная натура
Director: Khuat Akhmetov
Starring: Lyanka Gryu
Synopsis: The film tells the story of young girl, Kseniya (Lyanka Gryu), who starts in an art class and instantly develops a huge crush on her middle-aged teacher.
The teacher initially allows the girl some of her juvenile advances towards him, as she reminds him of a young woman he once knew. However, once Kseniya tries to get physically intimate with him, with things like stealing a kiss and posing for him half-naked, he quickly puts a stop to it. What neither of them knows, though, is that another girl in the class who's been friends with Kseniya, is growing jealous of how much attention her friend is showing the teacher and decides to sabotage what she thinks is going on between them - with unforeseen consequences.

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